Watusi Cattle

Welcome to our Workiní On It Ranch web site.

We live in Dayton, Texas - a small town about 45 miles northeast of Houston - and have been raising Watusi cattle since 2003.

To us the Watusi breed of cattle is a very magnificent breed. They are very unique cattle and all of ours are very gentle. I love calving season because you never know what color pattern the new calves will have. It is just like opening Christmas presents; you donít know what you got until you open it.

We are small producers, and only run about 20 to 25 head of Watusi. We are focusing on quality instead of quantity.

We are members of the World Watusi Association and have been to several states buying our present animals. With the FP animals we have bought in the last couple of years and the good bulls we have been using, we have some really quality young animals coming up. We have a few animals listed in the For Sale section, but if you like any of our animals give us a call and we can talk about possible sales or trades.

We welcome you to come by and visit or just call to talk about Watusi cattle.

Rodney & Donna Barnhart
Dayton, Texas





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